Drop-shaped pendants

Our "drop off" pendants are cut into a perfect drop shape.
Because they are completely smooth and round in shape, they can never catch on your clothes and they feel nice and soft against the skin.
They are drilled in so that they cannot be let go. The caps are silver-plated to prevent oxidation. But there's more...
A drop is the symbol for a tear, memories or pain. Recently or many years ago, a drop is timeless ... You can carry a "drop off" pendant with you in memory of a loved one or place it in a sore spot. He can support you.

But a drop is also a symbol of joy. After all, without rain and drops, no water, no plants, no drinking and no life. The drop shape is a symbol that dates back to long before there were people on earth, it symbolizes all life on earth and hides many wisdoms.

Drop-shaped pendants

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