Dick van Ruiter Oasis Self-healing

Dick de Ruiter (1951) gives yoga class and health advice from 1972. In the eighties he created a series of sound recordings with guided relaxation and visualization in combination with specially developed sound and music, first on cassette and later also as compact discs: Oasis CDs In 1985 he came into contact with Dick Sutphen, a successful American who became his big example for designing my Oasis series.

The question actually came from his own yoga students: can you not even put the relaxation exercises of the yoga class on a tape, so that we can also use your voice at home for yoga relaxation. In the early 90s he discovered a new technique in the US that was used in relaxing music and sound to directly influence the brain waves. That was the start of the construction of the Odyssey Neurosonic Library, a series of best-functioning neurosonic recordings, which became a huge success in the Netherlands. He also made use of these neurosonic techniques on most Oasis CDs, making the effect much stronger than he had expected. A good example is the Oasis CD Live without fear, in which all sorts of deeply acting methods are combined in a very subtle way, as a result of which - according to the reactions - many people have become fear-free! No new Oasis Tapes will be created from autumn 2004 and only the Oasis CD series will continue.

Dick van Ruiter Oasis Self-healing

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