Seven Chakras wierook (HEM)
  • Seven Chakras wierook (HEM)

Seven Chakras incense (HEM)

Seven Chakras incense of the brand HEM
7 different scents aligned with the Chakras

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Seven Chakras incense (HEM)

Seven Chakras incense (HEM)


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Chakras are centers of spiritual energy in the human body. The seven main chakras along your spine up to your Crown. The chakras (Sanskrit for "wheel") are similar to a type of energy sources.

Take energy chakras on and give energy through energy channels that flow through the body. Chakras are responsible for the activation of the various body functions such as breathing, speak, walk and so on.

All chakras play an important role in the well-being of body and mind. Each chakra has an influence on certain body functions and emotions. Ideal would be if all chakras open and equally active. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case.

Chakras can ' blocked ' causing blockages in the energy. To compensate for this are other chakras right overactive, which in turn leads to other problems.

This chakra incense helps to align yourself during a meditation on a specific chakra.

Seven Chakras incense (HEM)
From: Bangalore (India)
by: HEM corporation
Content: 7 packets of each 5 sticks